Proposed Designs

The project team are currently in the process of finalising designs, but are excited to be able to share with you some of their ideas so far.

The current site is on Hathersage Road, and consists of six blocks that house 566 student beds. The existing buildings are in dire need of repair, due to water damage and technically deficient cladding. ESP’s vision is to increase the amount of student housing by redeveloping  existing buildings on the site. In doing so, we hope to ensure that the buildings also have a better relationship with the nearby Victoria Baths, creating a space that can be enjoyed by the local community. 

The location of the site on Hathersage Road
The current view from Bax Road, behind Victoria Baths
Water damage clearly visible on the existing buildings

The current buildings also have poor frontage to Hathersage Road, and are not designed with consideration of their relationship to the Victoria Baths. 

Our proposals

Based on the problems with the existing buildings, the Victoria Point project team have come up with some designs for development to the site. 

ESP hope to provide an increase of 300 student bedrooms by refurbishing and redeveloping the existing buildings on the Victoria Point site. On top of this, we will improve the relationship between these buildings and the baths, allowing them to thrive both culturally and commercially. 

A view of the baths from Hathersage Road, with the proposed redevelopment in the background
The designs create potential for a community space between the buildings
A view of the proposals from opposite the Octagon Building

Design aspirations and design principles

ESP’s objectives are to provide housing for students that benefits the local community and environment. To achieve this, their design is based on these key principles: